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DSS stands for Dirt Street Snow. DSS Most Wanted is FEMALE Owned and Operated Clothing & Accessory Line. DSS was founded by retired professional ATV motocross racer, Susan Parker in 2009. DSS started out as a 12-month bikini calendar project featuring female ATV racers, during that time is was named ATV's Most Wanted. Due to very popular demands, the calendar project was expanded into a clothing line and the name was changed to DSS Most Wanted. The reason for the name change was to expand the company and not limit products solely to ATV but to include all off-road sports and activities. DSS now has a variety of clothing & accessories for Males, Females, Youth, and even Pets!  Who knows what is next? Continue to check back for new products.

There have been many opinions concerning the 'Girl Crawling' logo developed and created by Susan Parker. Oftentimes, the 'Girl Crawling' logo would have people gasping or shaking their head.  This logo was created by a female to promote and represent females in a typically male dominated industry.

New Riding Gear

All profit from our "Pet Items" go to SPCA of Fredericksburg.

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